I’m doing my genius hour project on Marijuana and Canada’s war on weed, medical marijuana, and the effects of marijuana on the brain. I selected this subject because it’s something that interests me and maybe some other people in the class. I hope to gain a better understanding on Marijuana’s effects, medical system, and the government’s view on it. So far, I've learned that the Canadian Government is strongly against legalizing marijuana, even though the United States of America has legalized it in some states, and Stephen Harper had said that once it had been legalized in the states, then Canada would work in legalizing it here too.

My perspective on marijuana has not changed whatsoever, because I already know quite a bit about it, and I will still love it. My next steps in the project are to continue researching Canada’s war on weed, current and other marijuana activists and other things related. So far, my greatest resource would be the many videos and documentaries related to marijuana, made by a channel called Vice on YouTube   There’s a lot to learn about marijuana and my knowledge of marijuana and the government’s policy is still expanding. My next steps are to look into the laws and regulations that have to do with marijuana.  

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