There's a good chance you've heard of BC Bud. Back in the 70's, people brought seeds from all over the world to BC, because of the perfect growing conditions. With Canada's marijuana industry worth more than 20 billion dollars, there are more marijuana crops over Canada than prairie wheat, larger exports than fishing, and more workers than forestry and mining combined. Marijuana is one of the worlds most valuable resources. 7 billion dollars in weed a year is grown out of BC alone. Over 20,000 people living in BC grow marijuana, and 40% of marijuana in Canada, is grown in BC and 80% of marijuana found in the United States, was grown in Canada. Over 50,000 people charged with possession every year, yet only 1/10 are sent to jail because of it. Even though filling courts and jails with people caught having, distributing or growing marijuana, it still hasn't reduced the use of it whatsoever.

Rival street gangs are fighting over market shares, and the more the government makes laws against marijuana, the more the street prices rise, which causes more violence, which makes more gang and drug wars, which causes more problems. 

Grower Mik Mann (Opus Farms, Port Alberni) said "legalization is the first step, and from there, we can change regulations. We can make our own beer, we can make our own wine, but we cant grow a few plants? We're growing our own medicine, saving our tax dollars." 
The government has announced that they're changing the laws on legal grow ops, for medical patients that can't grow their own. The new law will say that RCMP officers will be supervising the grow ops and distributing it to the patients themselves, to prevent the growers to sell it on the black market illegally. 

The government refuses to listen to the evidence, science, and facts. They pursue it for power, social, and legal control. Cannabis has a better safety record than all the pills being prescribed out of pharmacies. There are no deaths ever reported from smoking marijuana, yet 100,000 deaths a YEAR from prescription drugs.

I’m doing my genius hour project on Marijuana and Canada’s war on weed, medical marijuana, and the effects of marijuana on the brain. I selected this subject because it’s something that interests me and maybe some other people in the class. I hope to gain a better understanding on Marijuana’s effects, medical system, and the government’s view on it. So far, I've learned that the Canadian Government is strongly against legalizing marijuana, even though the United States of America has legalized it in some states, and Stephen Harper had said that once it had been legalized in the states, then Canada would work in legalizing it here too.

My perspective on marijuana has not changed whatsoever, because I already know quite a bit about it, and I will still love it. My next steps in the project are to continue researching Canada’s war on weed, current and other marijuana activists and other things related. So far, my greatest resource would be the many videos and documentaries related to marijuana, made by a channel called Vice on YouTube   There’s a lot to learn about marijuana and my knowledge of marijuana and the government’s policy is still expanding. My next steps are to look into the laws and regulations that have to do with marijuana.  


Teachers and principals of today teach children by sitting them in a chair for an hour and a half a block and making them listen. Teacher's rarely interact with the students. The future of the world is in the hands of us students, and they're still teaching us old methods. Teacher's alienate millions of children across the world, teaching them useless things such as algebra and how to find the area of a triangle. 

Teacher's set unrealistically high goals for students and when they don't reach the goal, make them feel like they're not smart enough, or not a good enough student, and that they're stupid. Albert Einstein once said "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it's stupid." 

School systems today are very old fashioned, and judgemental. The government thinks that all kids learn at the same pace, and at the same age, should have the same knowledge as other children their age. 

Hi, my name is Jaelynn and this is my Planning 10 blog.
I'm 15, turning 16 on December 18th. I'm into horseback riding, BMX bike racing, I love animals, going to concerts and being out in nature. I love being outdoors, and exploring trails and forests and parks. I like long drives and traveling to different places. When I'm not doing any of the above, I'm in my room watching old movies or listening to music. I also play guitar. I like being different, so I have stretched my ears to an inch, shaved half of my head, and dyed my hair bright, vibrant colours. 

My family is really great. My mum loves to cook big meals and is always making us smile. My sister is crazy, and is always outside either playing with her friends, riding a bike, skateboarding, rollerblading, or on a pogo stick. My mom's boyfriend is hilarious, and is always doing silly things with our dogs. My dad is awesome, he only has us on weekends, but it feels so much longer because we're always out and about with biking, training, swimming, movies, going to the barn, or shopping.

I love old movies, such as The Breakfast Club, Girl Interrupted, Stand By Me, The Outsiders, In The Heat Of The Night, and The Goonies. I also love Lord Of The Rings. I love music, and almost always have my headphones in. I enjoy deathcore and metalcore bands such as The Ghost Inside, The Amity Affliction, Of Mice and Men, and Pierce the Veil. I like all the books that Ellen Hopkins writes because they're very relatable. I BMX race and I really enjoy it. I don't like other sports. I eat a lot of sushi, it's my favourite. 

When I graduate, my grandma is buying me a van, so I can travel and live in the back of it. Not sure what I want to do job wise when I'm older. If I won the lottery, I would donate at least half of it to local animal shelters and the spca, because I love animals. I would probably save the rest and continue living normally, so when I'm older, I'll have lots of money to do whatever I want and travel to extravagant places.